Meet Rosa:

Hawks Supporter, Animal Lover, Avid Eater.


Favourite movie? 

Jurassic Park.
I. LOVE. Dinosaurs.

Why does teaching kids music make you happy?
I love the way kids tackle challenge after challenge and I get a real kick out of seeing their eyes light up every time they learn something new. Their raw and pure energy makes teaching a real delight and it’s a privilege to watch their relationship with music evolve and grow.

What do you love about teaching at LMS? 
I have the best teachers and support staff. They make LMS what it is.

What do you like doing when you are not teaching music? 
I don’t do much teaching at the moment. These days I spend more time working with the teachers, looking at ways to improve the teaching practices within the school and other aspects of the business. When I do get rare time away from it all I like to build things, get outdoors and find new restaurants to try.

How did you start playing music?
I started playing the piano when I was 5, my father was a classical music fanatic it was always playing in the house.
What makes you laugh out loud? 
Myself. I’m hilarious. And the kids. They’re natural comedians. We laugh at each other a lot.

Favourite musician/composer? Who & Why? 
I’ve been asked this question countless times in my life I’ve never been able to answer it. There’s just too many to name or count.
I grew up listening to Bach’s exquisite mastery of contrapuntal melodies, I love a good EDM track that gets my BPM up even when I’m completely motionless and I could listen to Nina Simone all day. Beethoven’s symphonies explore every facet of human nature… Just epic. Latin Jazz, Dolly Parton, Kanye. And I’m completely enamoured by my friend Olympia’s music.  And how great is that new artist Billie Eilish. And I’m only just skimming the surface.
The plethora of good music that is out there is cosmic. How lucky are we?!

Favourite musical/education quote? 
The dear Richard Gill said:
We teach music because it acts in a unique way on the heart, mind, soul and
spirit of the child, stimulating thought and imagination in very special ways.
No other reasons for teaching music is needed
I also like to tell the kids they only need to “practice on they days you eat”. I love watching their minds compute that one.

Favourite musical?
The Book of Mormon was fantastic, but watching the superstar performance of the young cast in Tim Minchin’s Matilda really blew my socks off.  

LMS Furry Mascots Harrison & Gary

LMS Furry Mascots Harrison & Gary


What’s a funny thing about yourself?

I’m terrified of snails.

If you could learn to play another instrument, what would it be?
Spanish Guitar. Or the drums. I love the idea of playing music that is heavily rhythmic and evokes people to move.

What do you want your students to know about music education or learning an instrument?
Don’t cheat. If there is a quicker way to achieve your goals, I’ll be the first one to tell you; I’ve tried and tested them all. And don’t try to outsmart your teacher. I did that too. It doesn’t work, trust me.

Something your music teacher said to you that has stuck.
“Imagine the things you could do Rosa if you practised.” I don’t remember much else. I think she yelled at me a lot.
What's the best thing about playing your instrument/s?
I love sight reading. My brain gets a great workout as I dissect new pieces. Music being a language in itself, reading music for me is like picking up a novel.