Melbourne Music School

Learn to play with integrity and perspective.

We teach students to have a sound understanding of music fundamentals. This is why our tutelage encompasses both practice and theory. Our approach cultivates students to have mastery, persistence, curiosity, and vision – a good combination for lifelong learning and independent problem-solving.


Piano / Guitar/ Violin / Viola / Cello / Trumpet / Flute / Recorder

30 minutes / 45 minutes / 60 minutes

This class aims to give students a solid foundation in technique whilst also offering a comprehensive and enriched music education through various methodologies, technologies, materials, and resources.

Alongside learning to master their instrument, students also gain knowledge of musical styles, forms and music history. Theory and aural training are a fundamental part of these lessons, providing students with a holistic view of music to promote inquiry and creativity. This approach encourages students to make critical responses to their music and be informed about their own learning.

Lessons are tailored to suit individual learning outcomes.

Our teachers are experienced with AMEB, ABRSM and Trinity exams preparation.




45 minutes / 60 minutes

Contributing to the development of individual musicianship, experience in playing in an ensemble cultivates interpersonal skills, fosters teamwork, and helps familiarise musicians in harmonising as a collective. Students learn from each other whilst also developing aural skills, sight reading, pitch, and articulation. Improvisational techniques are focused on, as well as composition in various styles using different modes and harmonies.

Students will explore a wide range of ensemble repertoire, from early baroque through to contemporary music, including world music, pop, and jazz.

Ensemble sessions are 45 minutes for early strings, and 60 minutes for all others.


Musicianship, Music Theory  & Aural

30 minutes / 45 minutes / 60 minutes

Theory of music is key to understanding how music works. A sound comprehension leads to good sight reading by being able to recognise styles, structures, and patterns in music. Students will also familiarise themselves with rhythm, harmony, and scales; and ultimately improve critical reasoning skills when listening to and playing music.

This lesson will enhance an understanding of musical concepts and elements from a wide range of musical periods and styles. Students are given tools to analyse music from global communities, cultures, and musical traditions.

Lessons can be tailored for VCE preparation, composition or AMEB exam preparation in Theory of Music, Musicianship, and Music Craft.

Lessons are offered as individual sessions and in group lessons.


VCE Music Performance

30 minutes / 45 minutes / 60 minutes

This class is for students studying VCE Music Performance, Music Investigation, and Music Style and Composition; Units 1-4. This supplementary tutelage enhances a student’s education in parallel to their VCE music studies, and is specifically designed in accordance to the VCE Music Study Design.


A note on lesson durations…

When recommending lesson times, we consider both age and musical proficiency.

30 minutes: students aged 4 to 6 years and beginners.

45 minutes: students aged 7 years to 14 (beginners and intermediate).

60 minutes: students aged 15 years and over (advanced).

This is to provide adequate time during each lesson to cover all the necessary aspects. The longer times allow for a better balance of teacher instruction and student contribution. Once students are at an age where they can maintain concentration and engagement for a longer period of time, it is recommended that lesson durations are increased to 45 minutes, and 60 minutes for advanced students.