Meet Celeste:

Teapot Collector, Favourite Aunt, Relaxation Technician

melbourne piano teacher

What do you like doing when you're not teaching music?

Yoga, cooking and Latin American Dancing

What about teaching kids music make you happy?
It reminds me of the excitement I felt as a child learning the piano for the first time and the child like confidence and lack of fear that I felt to embrace learning something new.  It gives me fulfilment to see the joy that my students receive on their musical journey.

What do you want your students to know about music ed or learning an instrument?
Enjoy the journey, remember that good playing and technique takes time and “Perseverance outlasts persecution”

What is one odd/funny thing about you that you don't mind sharing?
I have a collection of teapots on display in my apartment.

What do you love about teaching at LMS?
The students are a pleasure to teach, the studios have a cool vibe and the teachers are very friendly.

If you could learn to play another instrument, what would it be?
The Violin or Cello.  I just LOVE the sound of the strings.

What's the best thing about playing your instrument?
The different types of Pianos.  Upright’s, Baby Grands and Grand Pianos and the various range of digital Pianos and keyboards with amazing, natural sounds.


Favourite musician/composer? Who and Why?
My favourite Classical composer is Claude Debussy.  My favourite piece of his is “Claire De Lune” because it is very expressive and delicate and the colours of the piece take you on a journey that is very dream like.
My favourite musician of my generation is Kate Miller-Heidke because she has a unique ability to be able to combine the Classical and Pop genres into one and she has the ability  to write Pop music as well as Musicals and Operas.

 Favourite music/education quote?
“Your ability to sing should never be judged on how much you should sound like a particular artist, but how much you can sound like yourself.” 

Favourite Musical/ Theatre production?
Les Miserables

Favourite Movie?

When did your musical education journey begin?
8 for Piano 6 for choir singing, started by singing in the local community chamber choir.

Something your favourite music teacher said to you that has stuck
“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

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What makes you LOL

Watching funny and ridiculous videos on youtube